The Story

Devoid revolves around the story of a lost mortal soul by the name of Meryl, who finds herself cast into the afterlife due to what essentially was an unfortunate clerical error. Upon the realization that her arrival into the Second Plane was due to a mistake, she takes it upon herself to find her way back home, to her old life, and to the loved ones left behind.

She’ll soon find this task difficult, as war of a grand scale looms over the horizon, and it won’t be long before Meryl and her companions are caught in the center of the storm.



The Author

Tony is, at current, a simple IT Technician who works from home (most of the time), when hours are available. When hours are not available, he spends his time either creating, or playing videogames to pass the time. (Though, really, he’d much rather be creating these days.)

He has always been keen on drawing since he was little, and though he never went to school for anything that he has done so far, that hasn’t stopped him from giving it his best shot. After years of creating silly ripoff Garfield comics in childhood, he finally decided to take a crack at making a legitimate series of his own creation.

If you would like to get in touch with Tony, please visit the Contact section for further details.