Welcome to the Characters Page. Here, you will find all characters integral to the story listed in order of appearance (At least, until I can determine a better way of organizing things with this fledgling website). Over time, you can expect character portraits to change as the key players undergo different events in the current story. In the future, I hope to have a more user-friendly format in displaying the characters shown. Until then, this will do for the time being.

Without further ado, let us proceed to the current characters for Devoid.

Meryl Strausser – The New Arrival.

Meryl is an unfortunate soul who finds herself thrust against her will into an unfortunate situation. Already up to her neck in problems the moment she awakens, Meryl is now tasked with figuring out the mystery surrounding where she ended up, as well as how she can find her way back home. Energetic, stubborn, and quick to act – when pressured, she can hold her own, but oftentimes, inexperience will rear its ugly head in the heat of the moment. If anything, Meryl is nothing if not absolutely determined – a trait that potential enemies could sorely underestimate in the future.

More to come soon…