Howdy! I’m still working on the rest of the chapter, and I can confidently say that I’m about 50% done with that. In the meantime, to compensate for the wait, please enjoy some new character art for our hot-headed purple bunny grandma. When the comic updates properly later on, this won’t be included in the chapter archive, so if you want to see it again, check the Cast page!

So, in addition to the character page, we have a couple of other things going on. For starters:

1. I now have a twitter account dedicated to updates, notifications, schedule changes, etc, specific to Devoid itself! Most of you still following along here likely know about my main social/art twitter, @TonyCaline, but I figure separating things out would be easier for getting comic-related news out there, instead of it drowning in my deluge of RTs and non-art posts and all that garbage. So, if you would like a closer eye on when I update, or any new bits of information regarding Devoid, please follow the new twitter account!

2. In addition to the new twitter account, I needed to open up a proper email address in order to get it up and running. So, similarly, if you have any questions relating to the comic, or if you’ve done any sort of fan content you’d like to submit for the website, please send those messages to DevoidComic @ gmail dot com! I’m fairly busy, but I usually keep an eye on my email, so don’t be shy!

3. Lastly, I don’t have a date exactly for when updates will resume again, HOWEVER, I can say that progress is coming along nicely for the rest of chapter 2. My intention is to finish the entire chapter before doing anything else. As I come close to a comfortable date to resume posting, I will announce that date both on the website, and on the DevoidComic twitter account! From there, updates will run Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, until the end of the Chapter. While this is going on, I will be working on the next chapter, and once the current batch of comics are all up, a scheduled hiatus will take place while I work to finish the next chapter. Rinse, repeat, etc. In this way, I feel like it will be more comfortable for the reader in terms of consistency, versus uploading a couple of pages now and again, only to fall off the earth for a while before the next update rolls around. We’re going to try this approach for a little while, and we will see how it goes.

I think that about does it for general news and housekeeping. Enjoy the new art, look forward to new updates, follow the new twitter account, and I will see you guys again very soon! Much love!