As mentioned in the main post up above, I’m taking a break. Well – a more ‘officially scheduled’ break, anyway. I know there’s been a lack of posts in the past few weeks, and… life hasn’t exactly let up on me, yet. I’m dealing with some more work assignments taking up my time, I have more real-world stuff that requires my attention, I’m having to help out a little more at home, etc… and these conditions haven’t exactly been super ideal for me to get back on the horse and keep posting new updates to the story.

That being said, rather than stress out every Monday that I don’t have a proper update ready to go, I’m giving myself a reprieve and just sticking a pin on a set date in the future to have an update ready. I’m hoping this will lift some of the stress off of my shoulders while I figure things out, and should allow me to focus on getting my obligations out of the way first before I worry about getting anything else prepared for the story. Might be able to get some time to bulk out a queue so we don’t necessarily have to do this every few months, but, we’ll see.

In any case, I apologize that this has been such a drag – I’m gonna do my best to get my ducks in a row before the 15th so that I can return to regular updates for ya’ll. I appreciate your patience with all of this, and I will see you guys again in a few weeks with some new content!

As always, please feel free to follow my Twitter in case you want to see whatever else I’m up to (as well as be able to see when I’ll be updating next.)

Peace out, ya’ll – see you again soon!