EDIT UPDATE: Hiatus date has been changed to August 12th. Stuff came up, I got sick while I was out of town, and my art tablet refused to work on my laptop, so I couldn’t work during downtime anyway. Unfortunately, this means some additional wait time. My apologies – see you all next week.

Hey, folks,

As stated in the upload above, I am going on a hiatus in order to organize and prepare for the next chapter. July is also about to become very busy with other real world obligations (including a week-and-some-days vacation I’m taking while I still have the paid time to do so), so while my schedule bounces to and fro trying to get everything done, I’m going to be attempting to work on thumbnails, scripts, character designs, and other things that will become necessary for the next set of pages.

I’m proud of myself for keeping the steam going for several weeks until the end of chapter 1 was finally updated to the website. I also, however, am not so foolish as to assume I can keep that up while I still don’t quite have all my notes in order. So, hiatus until August. Specifically, August 5th, the first Monday of the month.

And from there, I hope to keep updates frequent enough until the end of Chapter 3! And with luck, I will be able to continue the journey without going on another break to do so, but, if it comes down to that, then that is how it must be.

Either way, this story is going to continue, I will make sure of that.

Thank you all for your continued support. <3