Here are some other miscellaneous links to places I think are super neat, or that I didn’t think fit anywhere else.

Ask the Blue Blur

A silly little fan-based Ask blog I started in Summer of 2012 that hasn’t exactly stopped, and that I work on from time to time when the mood strikes me. If silly Sanic shenanigans are your bag, give it a peek:

FurAffinity Art Gallery

Yep, I have one o’ those. Started on, funnily enough, April Fool’s Day in 2007. On again, off again, this is the gallery that has the most attention out of my other haunts, so it normally receives the bulk of my art submissions. My Gallery is SFW, so no adult pieces will be found here:

DeviantArt Gallery

Not a fan of the FA landscape? Here’s the other gallery, which has been around a bit longer. Same submissions appear here, but, is a better option for some of you, I’m sure:

More links to come as I see fit.