UPDATE NOTICE 06-13-2018:

This is just a notification for those who were coming back this week to see if there was a new comic update. YEP, I MISSED A MONDAY AGAIN~ Mostly because I got slammed with some additional real-job assignments that just ate too much into my time during the weekend, so I couldn’t quite make the extra push to get a new page completed. On TOP of that, E3 was going on this week! So my feed has been nothing but gaming news and other announcements on top of everything else, so pushing forward an update seemed even less viable during this time frame, especially since Monday was such a whirlwind of gaming stuff in particular.

That being said!!! Expect the usual update next Monday, on the 18th of June. Incidentally, if I can gather enough free time this week, I may even try to shoot for a double-update to make up for the lost time. No guarantees! But, we will see what I can do.

For now, I appreciate ya’ll’s patience, but that’s the current status. Monday will get an update FOR SURE, and we’re about 50% chance of a dual-update to cover some lost ground if time works in my favor. Have a splendid week, guys!


Greetin’s, folks! It’s been about a week since the last update, which meeeans it’s time to update again! Yes! A weekly-updated comic! What a concept!

It goes without saying, I’d really like to keep up the pace with these pages, so, I’m going to be doing my best to ensure at least one page is uploaded per week. AND, the update schedule is going to change from every FRIDAY, to every MONDAY. I need to change the header image (but the process is apparently complicated so as to keep the clickable menu options, so, that’s going to be a trial and a half, surely, especially considering my original assets are tied to an expired trial of SAI, and I don’t even USE SAI anymore for my work, so it makes no sense to PAY for it again when i just need ASSETS, but–)

i’m getting ahead of myself

Anyway. I’ll figure that out. Just remember – Monday Monday Monday! That’s the magic word.

See ya’ll next week with Page 12!