And, voila, a page updates on time!

I’m finding myself more appreciative of my own lettering rather than relying on a static font. A font was nice at first, but, writing my own boxes gives it a more personal touch. That, and I don’t have to rely on fidgeting with tools that can’t add their own bold or underlines because the font wasn’t engineered to work with that kind of stuff. If I dropped MAD STACKS, maybe i could get access to something like that, but… I dunno. This is easier.

I think I need to work on size and cleanliness, though. For most of this. But, hey — if it’s fun to look at, and ya’ll are enjoying it, then that’s fine by me.

Ah, feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to – I like seeing how people are enjoying things so far!

See ya’ll next Monday. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚