Took me a hot minute to get back on track with this stuff.

Hiatus went on a lot longer than expected due to, primarily, stress getting to me so badly that I couldn’t really operate all that much, short of what little I had to in order to keep my previous job. And, on that note, the previous job was what was mostly eating me alive. No hours, and the hours that I did get were not sustainable enough to keep me going, or prepare me for the next tax year. Money, job, location, etc.. there’s a lot that’s been happening.

But, I got a new job end of December, and I’ve been.. getting better. A lot better.

I have stability, so now it’s just a matter of managing my time wisely.

That said, enjoy the next page. I’ll try to keep updates consistent! But don’t be surprised if the schedule is a little shaky, still.