UPDATE NOTICE – 08-20-2018

Just a head’s-up, the comic will be posted tomorrow!! I got slammed with extra work over the weekend and couldn’t quite make it over the finish line for Page 15. I plan to set time aside this evening to finish what’s left, and tomorrow afternoon, we should have something ready. Thank you for your patience!!


And here we have a new page! Whoo!

My apologies for the lateness of this page. Realworld stuff kept getting in the way, and after a weekend of doing absolutely NOTHING to stress me out, I was able to get this finished up and posted.

OH! And, for those who didn’t see it before, our Characters page was updated with new artwork of Meryl! You can find it here if you’re curious: https://devoidcomic.com/characters/

Anyway, thank you guys for all the patience and support. See ya’ll next week, barring any issues with home! Or work!! Yay!!!