UPDATE (12/21/2020): Due to an abysmally busy week with work, I have not had the time to prepare the next set of pages, and I am currently burnt out. The next scheduled update will be December 28th. I appreciate y’all’s patience. Much love, have a safe holiday. 💚

Another week, another update.

Not too much to say, but, hey! In addition to the comic, I’ve been contributing to concepts and music for a neat little game called DoubleShake! The kickstarter’s been over for a while, and the project’s been funded successfully by 400%!! So, it’s been a very exciting time for me and some friends of mine. Please, give the page a look, and try out the demo while you have some spare time! Keep an eye on this project, it’s gonna be super rad. 🤘

Welp, that’s about it. See you guys next week!