UPDATE: 3/26/2021

For folks who have been curious, I guess I should probably say something; Yeah, Devoid’s been on a much longer than intended hiatus, because of .. well. “Gestures At Everything” doesn’t really seem to do that enough justice, frankly. And, tbh, I don’t think the hiatus is done. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been working at it! I have made some progress here & there, but nothing that could keep up with a one-update-per-week timetable that I was initially gunning for.

For somebody like me, who struggles to concentrate and focus, it’s a rough time.

So, what I may end up having to do, more than anything else, is take some additional time to get things straightened out. I have the next few pages scripted and thumbnailed out, but the rest of the chapter needs some more polish, and further construction. I’m trying to get into a position where I can get a grip, and start getting some essential building blocks settled into place. So, I’m probably going to be spending a lot more of my time preparing scenarios for the story, and getting a lot of necessary scriptwriting done. That said, what pages are already on the table, I’m going to at least try to finish as soon as I can, since, really, there’s nothing about them that’s going to change or be rewritten. We’re good on those.

I just can’t promise speed, cuz, the other things are higher priority.

Comics are hard, yet despite how much I get frustrated with myself, I just can’t tear myself away from this kind of storytelling that endears itself to me so damn much. I wanna get to a point where these kinds of stops & stalls never happen again. I want to show more, ASAP! To those who have been patiently waiting, and have been supportive and encouraging towards me this whole time, I appreciate it. I haven’t gotten very far, and that’s all on me, but, y’all stuck with me anyway, and that’s very much appreciated. Truly.

I’m gonna do what I can to get this done, because I want to share a fun story, I want to share cool action scenes, I want to make readers have FEELINGS, and I want to, like… just do the best I can. Even if I’m not actually the best at it.

Anyway. That’s it. Comic’s gonna continue to be slow, with some progress done, but that’s just because I’m going to be focusing on the back end moreso than the final product for a little while. The foundation needs some work, and I gotta put the work in. Thanks guys. ✌


Another week, another update.

Not too much to say, but, hey! In addition to the comic, I’ve been contributing to concepts and music for a neat little game called DoubleShake! The kickstarter’s been over for a while, and the project’s been funded successfully by 400%!! So, it’s been a very exciting time for me and some friends of mine. Please, give the page a look, and try out the demo while you have some spare time! Keep an eye on this project, it’s gonna be super rad. 🤘

Welp, that’s about it. See you guys next week!