It’s a page update, holy shit.

2021 has been full of all kinds of crazy changes and other things in my life, which is pretty much why this has been taking me forever.

It’s still my full intent to finish out the remaining chapter before shifting to semi-daily updates to get folks carried on through the remaining pages. However, that’s still some ways off, so until then, I’m going to do what I can to at least get a page out here and there so that y’all have some new stuff to see.

Enjoy the page! In the meantime, here’s a reminder about a few important things to take note of:

1. I now have a twitter account dedicated to updates, notifications, schedule changes, etc, specific to Devoid itself!! Give it a follow!

2. In addition to the new twitter account, I opened an email account for things like questions relating to the comic, or if you’ve done any sort of fan content you’d like to submit for the website. Please send those messages to DevoidComic @ gmail dot com!

3. The current plan is still to proceed with finishing up Chapter 2 wholesale before adhering to a much more frequent update schedule. Then, while pages go up, the next chapter will get worked on so that it’ll be ready when Ch. 2 runs out of pages. Working on this in the background, though with life serving me curveballs, this may not happen as soon as I’d like. I thank you for your patience in the matter!

I think that about does it for general news and housekeeping. Enjoy the new art, look forward to new updates, follow the new twitter account, and I will see you guys again very soon! Much love!